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To: THE WORLD COMMUNITY - The Honorable Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General - H.E. Rodolfo Certeza Severino, Jr. ASEAN Secretary-General - Government of People's Republic of China - Communist Party of Vietnam
On December 30, 1999 and December 25, 2000, the People’s Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam signed one Sino-Vietnamese land border treaty and two territorial waters agreements, changing the historical borders between the two countries and inflicting a great territorial loss to Vietnam.
These treaty and agreements present a serious threat to the integrity and benefits of Vietnam and were made despite the fact that they were never opened for public knowledge and discussion. Instead, they were signed cunningly by the self-imposed leaders of the communist government, none of whom is directly elected by the people. Worse, they were rubber-stamped by the National Assembly which does not truly represent the Vietnamese people, as its members are chosen by the communist party before being elected by the people in monopolistic one-party elections. Even the Constitution is drafted and implemented in violation of the fundamental principles and procedures of a democratic constitution. Furthermore, since the 1950’s the Vietnamese Communist Party leadership has constantly violated and willfully rejected numerous international agreements and covenants to which Vietnam is a signatory.
National land and sea territories belong to the people. Whatever the pretext or pretense, no one, no political party or government has the right to exchange their forefathers’ land for monopoly of political power. This is particularly self-evident in the case of the Vietnamese government, an undemocratic, illegitimate and law-breaking institution. Such a government has been endowed with absolutely no right to sign, on behalf of the nation and the Vietnamese people, any agreement to relinquish territorial rights to a foreign country.
Regardless of residency, religious or political leaning or association, no Vietnamese can ignore this sellout of their national territories, obtained and safeguarded by their forefathers generation after generation. Each and every person of Vietnamese descent who loves Vietnam, justice, freedom and dignity cannot keep silent and must protest these wrong doings.
We, the undersigned, living inside and outside Vietnam, solemnly declare to the world:
The above-mentioned Sino-Vietnamese land border treaty and territorial waters agreements are considered totally invalid by the Vietnamese people, undeniably illegal under international laws and obviously posing a threat to the peace and stability in Southeast Asia. We reject and assume no obligations to implement these treaty and agreements, and declare the rights to defend our national territory by all means.
In the name of justice, freedom and dignity for each and every human being and for 80 millions Vietnamese, as well as in the interest of safeguarding peace and stability in Southeast Asia, we urge the world community, the United Nations, and all democratic governments to support the building of a legitimate and democratic government in Vietnam. We further call for their support of the rights of the Vietnamese people to defend their national territorial integrity.
Done this 28th day of January 2002.
The Undersigned Sincerely,

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